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The smart vehicle that's also your assistant

It can follow you around and uses 3D mapping to navigate the landscape.


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) just designed a flight system that catches large drones at full speed

It will give our military the ability to manage drones from anywhere.


The television company you didn't know was spying on you

Vizio installed software onto their TVs that collect users viewing data without their knowledge or consent.


The battery case every iPhone photographer needs

The slim case from Moment comes with a shutter button and all new features


Google Maps added new shortcuts for everything you'll ever need

The new update will provide you with convenient snapshots and real-time traffic updates. Only available for Android at the moment.


Alibaba wants to give free internet access to India

With over 400 million internet users India holds the title for second largest internet usage, but two-thirds of the population have yet to


Super Bowl LI was a flop for Virtual Reality

Fox Sports decided not to offer its Virtual Relity presentation to the fancy Oculus Rift. It was made only available on the Samsung Gear VR


The popular game 'Portal' comes to augmented reality

Create holes and tunnels in solid surfaces in which you can send objects (and even yourself).


Facebook's safety check allows you to offer help in a crisis

The feature is being expanded to make it easier for users to get in touch with each other during an emergency.


The New York Times and Spotify are teaming up

A deal has been struck that combines a digital subscription of the Times and access to Spotify premium.